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Viva / V!va

Tools for Well-being

Self-realization tools that individuals in need and in times of change can use along with social workers, care-givers and  psychologists.
Katarina Gaborova

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nature photographs
of animals
Vikram Vyawahare
& Conny Mages

Softcover 4" x 7"
130 pages
$ 14

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Community and the Human Spirit:

Oral Histories from Montreal's Point St. Charles,
Griffintown and
Goose Village
Oral Histories from Montreal

The author lived in Montreal, Quebec Canada for many years and graduated in sociology from McGill University. He now lives in Ottawa having retired after a lifelong and rewarding career in public service. Dave enjoys photography and plans to continue visiting Montreal regularly to help record the evolution of the historic and rapidly changing area at the east end of the Lachine Canal.

dave flavell

Dave Flavell
A solid contribution to social and urban studies. With an introduction, bibliography, and illustrated throughout with historical family photos and with current and archival images.

7.5" X 9.25" 372p

March Special
$ 24  $ 19

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Community&theHumanSpirit. $19 + shipping

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Lily and Kaden's 1969 Woodstock adventure

Travel back in time to Woodstock '69 with two kids, their hamster and their ... flying couch.

woodstock covers

Valérie I.O. Soares
Illustrated by Jack Tzekov and with selected archival illustrations.

8.5" X 8.5" 72 p
ISBN 9781927032121

$20 $ 14

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Voltaire Visits...

Outrageous and endearing, this colour book portrays the travels of an American Cocker Spaniel in ... Paris. 

Voltaire Visits...

The Voltaire Visits... series features this pet dog visiting famous cities.

Voltaire Visits Paris
voltaire visits ottawa
Allan du Manoir de Juaye
Allan du Manoir de Juaye
Author and designer
Allan's ancestors were an integral part of the French society and culture. He studied communications, linguistics and has many interests. He lives in both Canada and the south of France.

Illustrated / Hardcover

8.5" X 11" 48 p / 2014

$ 19

English edition
print: 978-1-927032-11-4
digital: 978-1-927032-24-4
Edition française 
version imprimée: 

version numérique: 

English edition 
print: 978-1-927032-30-5 
digital 978-1-927032-312
Edition française 
version imprimée:

version numérique: 

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Our Own Devices:
Stories of the Machine Age

Mid-century speculative retro fiction. The Second World War. Nuclear Power. Space Exploration. These powerful forces forever changed the course of history. In these nine new stories and three essays Messier explores our intimate and often fickle relationship with science and technology in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, and how it came to define our past, present and future. 

Winnipeg Free Press reveiw

Winnipeg Metro review

Reader reviews at

Amy Marshall's review and interview

Our Own Devices front cover

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Gilles Messier
Gilles Messier
b. 1989 Winnipeg, Manitoba, studies aerospace engineering at Carleton University, Ottawa. As well as writing, he designs and develops mechanical devices and innovations, and enjoys painting inter-war-period travel posters, and studying history and philosophy.
Science + Fiction based on 20th-century history, with 27 archival photographs.

5``x 8` x 0.6"`paperback
244 pages
ISBN  0-978-1-927032-06-0

$ 16

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"...”Tom Finn’s stories demonstrate consistently controlled use of language, and the author’s sense of dialogue is keen. It is tuned to the way people speak, and the way his characters speak and think. At times comic, it harmonizes well with Finn’s often wry, omniscient third-person narration. Finn writes well, and these stories are good ... some real gems."

- Darrell Squires, Library Resources Board, Newfoundland
The Western Star, 16/10/10.

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“Well-crafted ... character-driven. An impressive book of short stories about people going about their lives, experiencing change, facing hardships. Finn writes skillfully and his style is particularly suited to the short story."

- Keith Collier, reviewer
Newfoundland Quarterly, Spring 2011

read review

" a deluxe spa treatment for your soul". 2012

Reader reviews at
Tom Finn at work
The author of Malpeque Bay: A State Of Mind, and Princes was bred and buttered in the old town of Corner Brook West, Newfoundland, Canada. After working in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and California, he took up residence in Ottawa. A retired federal public servant, he has always taken a keen interest in the affairs of his island homeland, especially the transformation of the former British colony following the American 'invasion' of the 1940s, and the union with Canada in 1949.
Sketches from the social fabric, with subtle references to the American presence in Newfoundland during WWII:
  • drama
  • relationships
  • desire and delusion

Old Corner Brook and beyond in the '40s and '50s. Like a ship in the mist, there emerges from these ardent, tragicomic lives, a recognition of ourselves.

Paperback pocketbook
ISBN 978-0-9685784-6-9
4" x 7" 191 p.

Suggested retail price
$ 18

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The Road to Dalhousie
Memories from the North Shore

“Although I felt relieved that things were now in the open, it took both my mother and I a bit of time before we were comfortable being around each other … she may not have understood that it wasn’t a choice I was making but rather an acceptance of what I couldn’t change.”

Uneasy that something could happen to his parents on their trip to Europe, Richard decides to return home to northern New Brunswick with his friend Norman. During the twelve-hour odyssey, they remin-isce about growing up in small-town, catholic Dalhousie, and share thoughts on their respective coming-out stories and their relation­ships with their mothers. Richard’s easy life in Ottawa changes when Norman’s pre­mon­ition comes true.

The Road to Dalhousie cover

Review in the Campbellton Tribune

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Charles Seems, author

Charles Seems was born in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada. In addition to writing, he has travelled the world. His skills include teaching, human resources manage­ment and interior decoration. He lives in Ottawa with his spouse Robert.

Review in the Daily Xtra
Travelogue, family and social relationships. GLB
5``x 8` x 0.5"`paperback
156 pages
ISBN 978-1-927032-09-1

$ 14 

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Into The Waves
Poems and Other Writings 

"Is life just about struggle and work? Isn’t there only one Earth that connects us all regardless of our nationality, religion or culture? These poems came about through a search for meaning. When I look at the waves on the ocean, I view them as being separate. But it seems to me that the waves are...

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(continued) part of the whole ocean and there is no separation. Being part of the ocean provides me with a source of strength, confidence and happiness. Although we are all connected, we are also each unique. I offer these writings and drawings to you as my viewpoint."
- bdb 2011
Beverly Diana Blanchard is a First Nations Ojibway from Northern Ontario.  She holds a degree in Economics from Laurentian University. A former Public Servant, she has consulted to First Nation and Inuit organizations in a variety of areas including homelessness, suicide and violence prevention, childcare, health, women's issues, business planning and economics. She is a writer and personal development coach based in Sault Ste. Marie and Ottawa, Canada.

"A window onto our search for meaning..."

Spirituality, empowerment and well-being emerge from her views on the impact of society on individual choice.

Paper back
5.5" x 8.5",  144p

+ ebook formats

$ 18 colour

$ 14 standard


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Christiane Claude :
40 Years of Mime

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Christiane Claude

Please see for more on this theatrical artist.

bilingual French and English

Softcover spiral
N 978-0-9685784-5-2
8" x 8" 80 p.

limited edition
$ 24

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Tene Uterum
Christiane Claude

One woman's healing story of a sea kayak journey, a mountain glacier hike, her operation and recovery.



SBN 978-0-9685784-3-8
5.5" X  4.25" 218 p 

$ 14

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Autumn Wild
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Robin M. Stone
A personal geography through a West Quebec season

ISBN 0-9685784-2-X 
5.5" X  4.25" 182 p 

$ 5

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The Letters of Lois Sybil Harrington and Edward Winslow-Spragge

Letters of Harrington and Winslow-Spragge - cover Letters of Harrington and Winslow-Spragge - cover
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Edward Winslow-Spragge (L) and Lois Sybil Harrington (2nd R) with Sparling cousins in England, 1933,

Anne V. Byers, editor.

Love, family and travel in Canada
illustrated, with foldouts

ISBN 0-9685784-1-1
7" x 9" approx. 300p

limited edition
$ 60

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Portrait of the Inanimate

peter geldart
Peter Geldart

Visit the 
science museum exhibit

The colours and patterns of rocks, geology, astronomy and our cosmic origins, illustrated,
including prints from Kodachrome. Hand made.

Assembled on demand Hardcover spiral
ISBN 0-9685784-0-3
8" x 8" approx. 30p

limited edition
$ 100

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