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Publish with Petra Books for the design, editing, publishing and promotion of print and digital books.
Publisher in Ottawa Ontario Canada
78 George Street, Suite 204, Ottawa ON Canada K1N 5W1
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Partnership model: The author contributes to the cost of services and receives 50% royalties. We contribute our time and expertise -- whatever it takes to create the best work possible, both in terms of content and graphic presentation. Please note that editing charges are 1 cent to 4 cents per word depending on the complexity. 

Royalties model: On acceptance of the manuscript, we provide free services coupled with print-on-demand, and the author receives 20% royalties. We endeavour to do one such title per year.

Books & Printing, The Elements of Typographic Style, The Business of Books, Finer points in the spacing & arrangement of type, Modern English Usage, Plain Words, A Century for the Century. Fine Printed Books from 1900 to 1999, Hart’s rules for compositors and readers at the University of Oxford, Art of the Printed Book 1455-1955, Paragraphs on Printing, Thesaurus, Printing for Pleasure, The Case for Legibility, Five Hundred Years of Printing, The Elements of Style, The Form of the Book, Essays on the morality of good design, The Chicago Manual of Style. 

 From manuscript
to master

or coffee-table.
Special formats
and periodicals

 Your book
and e-book
in final form

  1. Benefit from:
  • excellent design and layout
  • illustrations and cover
  • strong and thorough editing and content review


2. Receive the working master and the print-ready digital master

  • colour front and back covers
  • illustrations 
  • various formats and binding

3. Promotion:

  • ISBN / ISSN and barcode
  • the National Library of Canada’s Cataloguing in Publication, AMICUS record and Electronic Collection deposit
  • partnerships with gateways such as Amazon, Google Books, Ingram, LibraryThing and Smashwords.
  • Advance Review Copies sent to key journals, opinion shapers
  • promotional emails sent to relevant individuals and organizations.
  • receive both the working master in MSWord and/or InDesign and the print-ready master in Adobe PDF
  • print, promote and sell your book at any time
  • a small print run ensures local markets are covered and Advance Review Copies can be distributed .

  • Print-on-demand and e-book distribution through Ingram US and others.