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Reports and studies for Federal Government and the private sector, having worked in library research, writing, publishing, information services and training Euroline Inc, Eurostat, European Union Publications Office, ESA-IRS, Goskomstat and Cisstat ; also a business newsletter; photography; a science museum exhibit Rocks and Stardust; user documentation (Spectrocan).


Why Petra? In 2000 I curated an exhibit on geology and astronomy. We devised simple section headings based on greek linguistic roots such as astra, sola, terra, petra, cosmo, and "petra" seemed to work. Nothing to do with the personal name, or the city or the region!

Petra Books has a publishing model that aims to benefit the Author and Publisher equally, achieving goals which are of value — to the Author, quality of design, dissemination through personal networks, bookstores in the community and the Internet — and to the Publisher, expansion of the catalogue and exposure in the marketplace.

In design and layout we use Apple and PC computers with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office software and subcontract printing and distribution to Ingram U.S.A.

Danielle Aubrey

Consulting editor


Retired Federal public servant, research, writing and editing, project management, Women's studies, aboriginal and social issues; sociology and anthropology (Carleton University), women's studies, psychology (Université d'Ottawa), crisis intervention, conflict studies (Université St. Paul).


Partnership Model : We provide design, editing and master production, promotion, print and sales management. The author pays PB for these services, as outlined in our Services Summary above, providing 50% author royalties. Why pay for publishing services? Top-notch editing and design. And you own the print and ebook masters.

Royalties Model : If you wish to submit your manuscript for consideration under this model, we'll invest the time and expertise to complete the steps to publish your work without charge. Print-on-demand production and sales. Royalties to the author are 20%.

We are just as keen as you are to create the best possible product that it can be.


quality authors, content,

editing, design and promotion


Consulting editors

Design for Legibility

Editorial selection: the manuscript should be free from gratuitous coarse language or violence, not ethnically, politically or religiously biased, nor stylistically derivative. 
The author pays for services and receives 50% royalties quarterly of the net from sales from (1) petrabooks.ca website and (2) Ingram's distribution partners and resellers. "Net" means after printing and shipping cost.
The author can purchase copies from Petra Books at the printing and shipping cost plus 10% publisher's compensation. Printing and shipping is done by Ingram USA.
We undertake to do one title per year free of charge while giving the author a 20% royalty.

Reference works on our bookshelf:

Books & Printing, The Elements of Typographic Style, The Business of Books, Finer points in the spacing & arrangement of type, Modern English Usage, Plain Words, A Century for the Century. Fine Printed Books from 1900 to 1999, Hart’s rules for compositors and readers at the University of Oxford, Art of the Printed Book 1455-1955, Paragraphs on Printing, Thesaurus, Printing for Pleasure, The Case for Legibility, Five Hundred Years of Printing, The Elements of Style, The Form of the Book, Essays on the morality of good design, The Chicago Manual of Style.

Book sizes suitable for digital photocopy and small print runs are a model that can cover the costs of design, editing, printing, promotion and sales, should you decide to print. In this way a book can be produced which satisfies the Author's goals as well as the needs of the local market. The global community can be reached through Internet gateways and aggregators, opening the possibility of a wider demand for the work.

Petra Books recommends printing and distributing advance review copies. Whether the Author has invested five weeks or five years in the manuscript, now he or she can complete a first edition, own the working master and the print-ready digital master and reprint any quantity at any time, and benefit from the book existing in national catalogues, in print or online.

Occam's razor: the simplest solution is the most effective. We're keen on thorough editing so that your work reads well, and examining your content and its intended meaning, and the appropriateness of your writing for your audience. We want clear and simple design and an attractive cover, bold on the Internet, and succinct promotional text.