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BEYOND LATE-K -- Stories of Collapse and Rebirth
by Ted Bernard, author of Late-K Lunacy
Professor Emeritus of Geography and Environmental studies, Ohio University.
Cover art and ten illustrations by Alexa Miller

5.5" x 8.5" softcover 212 p.

In the not-too-distant future villagers forge their lives in the aftermath of the breakdown of civilization — including the loss of modern infrastructure and technology. These ten stories explore the legacy of Bernard's dystopian novel Late-K Lunacy, Late-K referring to late stage vulnerabilities of complex socio-ecological systems.

SELECTED VERSE OF ÉMILE NELLIGAN. Québec’s great lyric poet. 

Translated from French to English with commentary by Ian Allaby

46 poems examined, and English and French renderings presented.

 A5: 5-7/8" x 8-1/4" / 148 x 210 mm
186 p

Cover: The Lute Player by Caravaggio, 1596. (Hermitage version).,_Michelangelo_Merisi_da_-_The_Lute-Player.jpg

An Artist Among the Wind Horses of Mongolia

by Erika Connor 

8" x 8",  106 p., Travel writings and colour art book with 36 paintings by the author.

"I slipped across the grasses, becoming trees and rocks. Sometimes, they passed so close I could have reached out my hand to skim their hides, the ribs, the last of their tattered winter coats."

"What was it like to live in a place of wind? I learned things I wouldn’t otherwise have known. The takhi horses lost their freedom once and found it again, retracing an ancient memory. As the last of the old horses born in Holland died off, the way was open for the wild born." 

The Evolution of an American Psychiatrist
William F. Kenny, MD, FAPA

An insightful memoir with careful reflection on the theory and practice of psychiatry., case studies, and selected articles published over a diverse career.

"In the silence of therapy...a glance carries great weight."

Cover painting: Two heads, by Paul Klee, 1932. Norton Simon Museum.

Softcover, 8" x 10", 104 pages.
$21 CDN



Greek paideia

by Nicholas Demos

Tom Finn


New edition.


First published 1991, Harry Cuff.


“... Finn has done for pre-Confederation Newfoundland what James Joyce in his stories did for his native Dublin."

- Daniel Jones, Books In Canada.

Short stories

Tom Finn

Construire la Cité universitaire moderne : Université Laval

1945 - 1970 

Universite Laval, architecture

Martin Dubois, professeur d'architecture, professeurs d'histoire Marc Grignon et Marc Vallieres, Peter Geldart, design.

et James Lambert, archivist. l’Université Laval, Québec, Canada.

Beaux Livre

French and English editions, reproductions of architectural plans, historical drawings and photos, illustrated, with foldouts. "coffee-table" book

Hardcover and softcover

ISBN 978-0-9685784-4-5

8" x 9" 300 p.