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Germans of

Waterloo Region

South-Western Ontario, Canada

Centre for German Studies

Village View St. Clements x Peter Snyder
Village View St. Clements by Peter Etril Snyder
Mathias Schulze Grit LiebscherSebastian Siebel-Achenbach
University of Waterloo
Oral History Project
8" x 10" est. 300 pagessoftcoverillustrated
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New series:

A Walk in the WindUne promenade dans le vent
Stories for boys & girlsHistoires pour garçons et filles
Children will engage with these original stories which feature human and animal characters, and portray the importance of kindness, acceptance, friendship and loyalty. Lessons in honesty, fairness and sharing are learned as the characters meet challenges and support each other. The author deals with issues such as "bad vs good" secrets, strangers, and safety.
Danielle Michaud Aubrey
BA Sociology.BA Psychology,Women's Studies.MA Conflict Studies.
English and French editions.
Hardcover 8.5" x 8.5"$29 per bookplus $5 shipping
With 10 stories in each book:
Book 1: The Impish Squirrel (110 p)Book 2: The Pact (98 p)Book 3: Khalil's Dream (116 p)
Livre 1 : L‛écureuil feignant (118 p)Livre 2 : Le pacte (104 p)Livre 3 : Le rêve de Khalil (132 p)
Painted illustrations by Nadia Ilchuk (covers), K.K.P. Dananjali, Vladimir Cebu, Diana Nemesu and Elena Paun.

Syrian Brides

This captivating collection offers insights into the lives of Syrian brides-to-be and married women. With warmth and humor, the stories reveal the oppression found in Syrian society, and raise issues such as domestic violence.
Second edition with three new stories.
Anna Halabi was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. In 1999 she immigrated to Europe to pursue her university studies. She lives with her family in Germany.
5.25" x 8" 182 p
$18 softcoverplus $5 shipping
Peter is a dynamic frontiersman of the boreal regions of the North American continent. Portrays his business, family and social exploits.
Un homme plein d’enthousiasme, Pierre est un pionnier des régions septentrionales du continent nord-américain.
English: 9781790426089Française: 9781790642878
An avid historian and biographer, André N. Vachon grew up in Chute Panet, a small village in rural Quebec.
Softcover 6" x 9"
474 p. EN 496 p. FR
$ 24 plus $5 shipping

"A devastatingly truthful work of ecology-based fiction, and a gripping story of coming-of-age of a group of post-carbon millennials. Much more than an ecological dystopia, Late-K Lunacy is a splendid evocation of the world going into – and eventually coming out of – an ecological crisis, as Holling’s ecological cycles are characterized by both collapse and recovery, like a never- ending Möbius strip".-- Fikret Berkes, author of Sacred Ecology. LINKSlateklunacy.comThe Ohio ForumYoutubeKirus Reviews
Late-K Lunacy
Cover: Emily Apgar
by Ted BernardProfessor Emeritus of Geography and Environmental studies, Ohio University.
5.5" x 8.5" / 426 pages
$28 softcoverplus $5 shipping978-1-927032-83-1
$36 hardcover clothwith dust jacketplus $5 shipping978-1-927032-84-8

The Tree of Life

An existential spirit is free to choose whatever it wishes to be from the myriad life forms in the universe. In this tale, the meaning of life, shaped by the passage of time, is explored in this enchanting work of Visual Poetry.

English and Mandarin

by Nick Blackburn, Canadian, English instructor in China and SE Asia.
Softcover 11" x 8.5"66 pages COLOURprint 9781989048030digital 9781989048047
$24 softcover
illustrated by Julianne Vermilion, Shanghai, and USA. Mandarin translation by Adela Fei, Sasha Sha, Jenny Zhou.

A Story to Reinforce Positive Thinking in Children

See Bee Tee is an interactive tool for children, their parents and anyone who would like to know the basics of positive thinking. This story is inspired by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and is made into a set of fun activities.

Nataša Gruden PižmohtVisual artist
Katarina GaborovaPsychologist NIP(Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen)
Softcover 8.5" x 8.5"92 pages
$20 softcoverplus $5 shipping

Occupation Child: WWII Greece
Young Tasouli tells us stories about his cat the Resistance hero, the intricate relationships between a young Jewish physician, German officers, Greek partisan communists and their British captives.
A strange character appears in his dreams, either supportive or terrifying, and they develop a strong bond.
The journey is ultimately about hunger, language, politics and love.
occupation child
Cover: Author's collection.
Emeritus Professor Tassos Anastassiades (Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont.) grew up in Athens during WW II and came to Canada with his parents in 1950. T. Styppas is his nom de plume.
Review: The Queen's Journal
Softcover 5.5" x 8.5"454 pages
9781985017757 9781927032718
$24 softcoverplus $5 shipping
Stripped to the BonePortraits of Syrian Women
Set between war-torn Syria and the West, Stripped to the Bone explores issues of identity, love, strife, courage and resilience in seven fictional portraits of Syrian women.
Ghada Alatrash - Stripped to the Bone, cover
cover photo David Salas
Ghada Alatrash
Syrian-Canadian author and translator Ghada Alatrash is a PostDoctoral at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. She has an MA in English Literature from the University of Oklahoma.
Softcover 5.5" x 8.25"173 pages
ISBN 978-1-927032-46-6
Calgary TEDxLISTEN:CBC Radio IDEASCBC Radio Cross Country CheckupCBC radio interviewPBS Newshour 2016 in January and March
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Grace and WisdomChief JusticePatrick G. Kerwin1889 - 1963
Patrick Kerwin was born in 1889 in Sarnia, Ontario. He studied law at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, was called to the bar of Ontario in 1911, became King’s Counsel in 1928, and became a Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario in 1932. In 1935, he became a Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, and in 1954 he became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.
McKenna Kerwin
. “Mr. Kerwin is well equipped by training and temperament for his new office. He never gets ruffled in court, is always courteous to counsel … Those who disagree with him will declare without hesitation that Mr. Kerwin is fair-minded, absolutely without bias or prejudice.” — Globe & Mail, 1954.

Stephen McKenna is an author, musician and producer living in Ottawa, Ontario; his numerous interests include the arts, research and travel. This book is a tribute to Kerwin's life and work.
Biography, social and civil history, Speeches, "Sound Advice". Illustrated with archival photographs.
6" x 9" 336p
9781927032688 (softcover) $28 plus $5 shipping
9781927032978 (hardcover) $36plus $5 shipping
The Other Side of Reason: A journal on PTSDA journal in recognition of the passengers whose lives were changed forever in a tragic bus-train collision and in memory of those who died.
“David Gibson’s reality was altered in a moment on September 18, 2013. His eloquent and poignant requiem chronicles his efforts to re-orient himself to a world whose boundaries and reference points abruptly disappeared…he chronicles his experiences in a way that helps us understand the hidden struggle of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.”— Dr. Larry Cebulski, clinical psychologist.
gibson: the other side of reason
David B. Gibson
Softcover 5 3/4" x 8 1/4"234 pages
978-1-927032-51-0 print978-1-927032-52-7 digital

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$28 hardcoverplus $5 shipping
ebooks atSmashwordsandGoogle Books9781927032510
Community and the Human Spirit: Oral Histories from Montreal's Point St. Charles,Griffintown and Goose Village
Oral Histories from Montreal
The author lived in Montreal, Quebec Canada for many years and graduated in sociology from McGill University. He now lives in Ottawa having retired after a lifelong and rewarding career in public service. Dave enjoys photography and plans to continue visiting Montreal regularly to help record the evolution of the historic and rapidly changing area at the east end of the Lachine Canal. Cover art: Dave Flavell
dave flavell
Dave Flavell
A solid contribution to social and urban studies. With an introduction, bibliography, and illustrated throughout with historical family photos and with current and archival images.7.5" X 9.25" 372pISBN9781927032138
$28 softcoverplus $5 shipping
$36 hardcoverplus $5 shipping
Molloy had to leave home. He felt compelled to get a tattoo he feared may curse him forever. Were The People For a Better World really who they said they were? Could he survive on his own? Have a normal life?
o'grady /Matsukawa
Cover: Kumi Matsukawa
“I saw the bench that had been almost like a home, or at least a refuge, to me for several hours last night. I had the urge to sit there and get my thoughts together. I tried to do so, but the moment I sat down I was immediately compelled to do something else even more strongly. It was as if while I slept my subconscious had come up with a plan to improve the odds of my survival and decided to act upon the plan before letting me in on it...”
Luke O’Grady was born and raised in Ontario. He is a pharmacist, and enjoys reading, writing and cycling.
Softcover 5.5" x 8.25"264 pages
ISBN 978192703263
$22plus $5 shipping
Dorothea GutzeitBe True and Serve
Autobiographyas told to daughter Irene Riznek
A fascinating view of the “other side” in World War II, on the domestic front. Born in Berlin, Dorothea spent her formative years in Nazi Germany and in her war-torn city. She then forged a new life in Canada.

Cover photo: Dorothea age 21,Berlin, 1943
by Dorothea Gutzeit.1921 -2005
“An amazing family story of courage and immigration."— Siegfried Hansch (German-Canadian Business Association)
“An authentic and absorbing account of one woman's courage, tracing her life from early 20th century Germany to a new and challenging life in Canada, drawing on diaries, certificates and various documents, along with memories shared."— H. Zobl (Professor Emeritus, Carleton University)
Softcover 6.14" x 9.21"236 pages
978-1-927032-49-7 print978-1-927032-50-3 digital
$24plus $5 shipping
Review by Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft e.V. (in German)

Gay Soulmate Wanted

“For two people to get along and love each other over a long period of time, there must be a healthy connection on the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.”

gay soulmate wanted
Cover painting: Claude Chapdelaine
Fearing that at the age of 39 (or 78 in gay years), his chances of finding a soulmate are decreasing every day, Richard is confronted by a good-looking man ten years his junior, who claims to be his partner without ever having met him. When finally the two are introduced, sparks fly.
Charles Seems
by Charles Seems, teacher, trainer, writer, HR consultant and interior decorator. Born in the atlantic town of Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada, he now lives in Ottawa with his spouse Robert.
5.83" x 8.27"210 pages
ISBN 978-1-927032-59-69781927032596
$22plus $5 shipping

Running Beyond Empty
Fun and entertaining, this young adult novel explores the many challenges faced by Dinah who is forced to move in order to provide for herself and her daughter Selah. Their emotions are stretched by new people and events. Both learn to stand up to obnoxious folks and find that hard work and play help them stay focused on their goals. The empowerment of caring relationships carries them through heartbreak as hey discover that running starts with believing in yourself.
Ultimately their resiliency opens up new hopes and dreams — shared with Bill and Norm, the two special men in their lives. Enriched by many colorful characters, the story of these two feisty women will capture your imagination.
Running Romance

Ben Kruser
by Ben Kruser, a university staff member, he has been a wildlife biologist, long-time outdoor enthusiast and an endurance runner.
Softcover 5.5" x 8.25"388 pages
ISBN 9781927032534
$24plus $5 shipping

Alexandre Vachon

the scholars’ clericand theclerics’ scholar1885 – 1953“…a rich chronicle of one of the greatest leaders of this diocese.” —M-A Gervais, Archbishop Emeritus of Ottawa
“…the opportunity to get to know a great figure of the Canadian Episcopate.”—Luigi Ventura, former Apostolic Nuncio to CanadaREVIEWSProject MuseThe Canadian Catholic Historical Association
Alexandre Vachon, biography
Alexandre completed his studies for Priesthood with distinction. He became a science teacher and pursued studies at Harvard and MIT and became Director of the Advanced School of Chemistry and then Dean of the Faculty of Science, and finally as Rector at Laval University. The Church recognized his talents and, in 1939, turned to him to lead the Ottawa diocese. He is entrusted with new responsibilities which extend to the Catholic Church at large.
andre n. vachon
André N. Vachon, a distant relation, was born in the same small rural community as Alexandre, Chute Panet, Québec. He learned of the important contribution this cleric made to society, and with much enthusiasm embarked on the biography.
Softcover 6" x 9"410 pages
ISBN 9781927032398
$ 28plus $5 shipping
Canada * History * Catholic * Archbishop


"...”Tom Finn’s stories demonstrate consistently controlled use of language, and the author’s sense of dialogue is keen. It is tuned to the way people speak, and the way his characters speak and think. At times comic, it harmonizes well with Finn’s often wry, omniscient third-person narration. Finn writes well, and these stories are good ... some real gems."- Darrell Squires, Library Resources Board, NewfoundlandThe Western Star, 16/10/10.
“Well-crafted ... character-driven. An impressive book of short stories about people going about their lives, experiencing change, facing hardships. Finn writes skillfully and his style is particularly suited to the short story."- Keith Collier, reviewerNewfoundland Quarterly, Spring 2011
" a deluxe spa treatment for your soul". 2012
Reader reviews at
Tom Finn at workThe author of Malpeque Bay: A State Of Mind, and Princes was bred and buttered in the old town of Corner Brook West, Newfoundland, Canada. After working in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and California, he took up residence in Ottawa. A retired federal public servant, he has always taken a keen interest in the affairs of his island homeland, especially the trans-formation of the former British colony following the American 'invasion' of the 1940s, and the union with Canada in 1949.
Now "Short's Long Day" is being presented on stage as part of Corner Brook's 60th:The Western StarJune 2, 2016
Sketches from the social fabric, with subtle references to the American presence in Newfoundland during WWII: drama, relationships, desire and delusion.
Old Corner Brook and beyond in the '40s and '50s. Like a ship in the mist, there emerges from these ardent, tragicomic lives, a recognition of ourselves.Paperback pocketbook
ISBN 978-0-9685784-6-95" x 8" 191 p. 2010
$22plus $5 shipping
Footpaths and Fishing BoatsGrowing up in Nipper’s Harbour
See Google Maps to locate the villageNippers Harbor
Short memoirs
“... the budding consciousness of a young girl in a small Newfoundland fishing community during the final years of its prosperous isolation.”— Dr. Harold Paddock, Retired Professor of Linguistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
nipper's harbour cover back harbour sunset
Cover painting: Back Harbour Sunset by Ted Stuckless
audrey starkes
Audrey Starkes MSW is a retired psychiatric social worker. She was fortunate to have grown up in Nipper’s Harbour on the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada while it was still an isolated outport. Audrey has published stories in the Ottawa Story Spinners’ Black Lake Chronicles.
autobiographySoftcover 5" x 8"146 pagesISBN 978-1-927032-42-8 9781927032428 2015

Viva / V!vaTools for Well-beingSelf-realization tools that individuals, social workers, care-givers and psychologists can use in times of need and transition. 40 "cards" in three sections.
Cover image: Chauvet caves, France. (Jean Clottes)
withnature photographsof animalsby Vikram Vyawahare& Conny MagesSoftcover 4" x 7"130 pagesISBN 9781927032374
$ 18plus $5 shipping
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Now available as a deck of 56 playing cards
$ 12
Our Own Devices:Stories of the Machine AgeMid-century speculative retro fiction. The Second World War. Nuclear Power. Space Exploration. These powerful forces forever changed the course of history. In these nine new stories and three essays Messier explores our intimate and often fickle relationship with science and technology in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, and how it came to define our past, present and future. Winnipeg Free Press reveiwWinnipeg Metro reviewReader reviews at librarything.comAmy Marshall's review and interview
Our Own Devices front cover
Gilles Messier
Gilles Messier. b. 1989 Winnipeg, Manitoba, studies aerospace engineering at Carleton University, Ottawa. As well as writing, he designs and develops mechanical devices and innovations, and enjoys painting inter-war-period travel posters, and studying history and philosophy.
Science + Fiction based on 20th-century history, with 27 archival photographs.
5``x 8` x 0.6"`paperback244 pages
ISBN 978-1-927032-06-0

$ 22

plus $5 shipping

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The Road to DalhousieMemories from the North Shore“Although I felt relieved that things were now in the open, it took both my mother and I a bit of time before we were comfortable being around each other … she may not have understood that it wasn’t a choice I was making but rather an acceptance of what I couldn’t change.”View this book on
Review in the Campbellton Tribune
The Road to Dalhousie cover
Charles Seems, author
Charles Seems was born in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada. In addition to writing, he has travelled the world. His skills include teaching, human resources manage­ment and interior decoration. He lives in Ottawa with his spouse Robert. Review in the Daily Xtra
Travelogue, family and social relationships. GLB5``x 8` x 0.5"`paperback156 pagesISBN 9781927032091
$ 22plus $5 shipping
Into The WavesPoems and Other Writings "Is life just about struggle and work? Isn’t there only one Earth that connects us all regardless of our nationality, religion or culture? These poems came about through a search for meaning. When I look at the waves on the ocean, I view them as being separate. But it seems to me that the waves are...

(continued) part of the whole ocean and there is no separation. Being part of the ocean provides me with a source of strength, confidence and happiness. Although we are all connected, we are also each unique. I offer these writings and drawings to you as my viewpoint."- bdb 2011

Beverly Diana Blanchard is a First Nations Ojibway from Northern Ontario. She holds a degree in Economics from Laurentian University.

"A window onto our search for meaning..."Spirituality, empowerment and well-being emerge from her views on the impact of society on individual choice.
Paper back5.5" x 8.5", 144p+ ebook formatsISBN 9781927032022
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$ 18 black & whiteplus $5 shipping

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